Join Me in the 80 Day Challenge

80 Day Obsession

So, the 80 day challenge is officially called the 80 Day Obsession and it’s no joke! I did about 6 weeks of the program before life happened and I quit. Yeah, I know. That part of life has been kicked out and is no longer welcome. Starting October 1st, I will begin with A little Obsessed which is a 5-day prelude to the hard as heck full program. Technically, this will be an 85 day challenge.

I am really excited about this program! There’s alot of weights and body-weight exercises along with cardio. Workouts are done 6 days each week, with no two days quite the same. The 7th day is an active rest day, which means no training, but you gotta move. Like walking the dog, yoga, or other activity. There are strict eating guidelines as well. Thankfully, Autumn (the creator and trainer in the program) has included a vegan eating plan. Her specific, timed-nutrition is key to giving your body what it needs before and after the extreme workouts. Don’t think you can train only to get fit. You’ve got to eat right. What’s the saying? You can’t out train a bad diet. Or something like that.

This program is unique in that it was recorded live for 80 days. You don’t just get the same workouts and play them over and over. It’s actually 80 different days of workouts with the crew and Autumn doing the whole program with you. She is a great motivator and very fun.

NOTE: This is only on Beachbody on demand and if you join for a year for around $99, you get access to ALL the programs on demand. I will be doing these programs for the rest of my life and at just over $12 a month it’s a steal!

Join the beginning of my journey as I pound out this 80 day challenge with Autumn. I’m going to be obsessed! Are you?


Check out the video about the 80 day challenge, er, Obsession!


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