Setting Up a Home Gym on a Budget

“Work Hard in Silence. Let Success Be Your Noise.” ~unknown

Gym Room Setup

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My gym room setup is pretty simple. I live in a 3 bedroom home with my husband. We rarely have guests so the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms are set up as workout rooms. Mine is also used as my home office. Frank’s is used for cycling indoors when it’s too rainy. It’s never that it’s too cold since central Florida is mostly summer with a couple cooler months in the winter. On the odd chance that we actually have a guest stay over, they get the blow-up mattress. Perhaps if the sons visited more often they would rate a bed, but not right now!

I started off with some light handheld weights similar to these you can get on Amazon.  I swear, Amazon is now my favorite go-to store for nearly everything! I shop there so much I have a Prime membership. It’s well worth it to get the free shipping and same or next-day shipping. Of course living in an Amazon town doesn’t hurt either. But I’ll save more details for another post.  Also, I got a Reehut yoga mat. A thick one is best if you’re of a certain age and the bones need more cushion. Lastly, I had purchased the Chalean Extreme DVD set for a workout. Back then I did the payment plan for the program so I could afford it. Today you can simply use YouTube videos. It seems there is something for everyone on YouTube. Just do a search for workout videos and then pick a program that suits you. Something like this.

A gym setup for home will eventually evolve after you start to become fit. You will be needing heavier weights, perhaps a bench and I also have a TRX trainer. Kettle Bells are fun and they come in different weights like hand weights. Something else I’ve incorporated are loops and resistance bands. Oh, and don’t forget the ball which can be used for all sorts of exercising and balance work. Let’s take a look in more detail what I use:

  • Heavier weights. I went ahead and invested in the nested hand weights that go up to 52.5 pounds each. Bowflex was my choice. I still find they can be a bit awkward for exercises that are done close to the body. This can be resolved by using the smaller hand weights of higher weight.
  • Weight bench. I bought this weight bench by Gymenist. When buying this and the Bowflex I actually applied for the Amazon store card so I could make payments. This is certainly helpful when your working with a limited budget, but determined to have the best tools to get the job done.
  • TRX trainer. I bought an off-brand called the Ignite Spri gravity trainer. It’s great for taking on trips where you don’t have access to weights. You can still get a great workout using this utilizing body weight.
  • Kettle Bells. You can find these at Walmart, too, but my next weight increase for the kettle bell I’m getting these because they’re pretty! I love to add color whenever I can and that means to my gym room too!
  • Loops and Bands. Hit the Walmart for these or search on Amazon. Loops are usually worn around the lower thigh while doing exercises like leg lifts or squats. Bands have handles and can be used instead of weights.
  • Stability Ball. These are great for building core strength and usually come with a list of exercises. Of course, get these at Walmart or Amazon.

Check out my home gym walk through. Sorry for the low quality. It’s on my list of learn-how-to-do items!

Your Gym Room Setup

Above I listed everything I’ve used since having a home gym. However, start small. Pick a program then find out what you will need to use. The cheapest way to setting up a home gym on a budget is to get resistance bands. They will usually come in a pack of 4-5 varying pounds of resistance. Almost all strength training programs out there can swap hand weights for the bands.

I strongly urge you to have a mirror in your gym. One of those that cost around $5 at the Dollar General store and can mount on the wall or back of a door. It’s important to maintain proper form while performing resistance band exercises. Or any strength training exercises using equipment. Those of you with weak backs are especially susceptible to injury if proper form is not maintained. Focus on form is key to seeing gains quicker too.

If you don’t have carpet in your gym room, consider getting a yoga mat. Otherwise, this purchase can wait until you have more bucks to spend on your gym room setup. Just lay a towel on the carpet or simply do your stretching without it. You don’t have to be a yogi to get some great warm-up and cool-down stretching, but I prefer doing some yoga poses to end my workouts. Lots of programs have cool-downs incorporated in them, but I still spend about 20 minutes doing stretches of yoga. Remember, every type of exercise, yoga, strength training, etc., can be found on YouTube until you can afford to buy a decent one or get on Beach Body on Demand.

Stop Procrastinating

This has always been my biggest problem. That is one reason I started this blog:  to hold myself accountable. Procrastination can be your worst enemy when you are trying to change yourself, your body, or any aspect of your life. I can’t remember who said it, but I read a woman conquered her inability to motivate herself by counting down from 5 and then start. For example: say out loud, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then immediately get up and do the thing you need to do. Whether it’s getting of the couch to walk into your gym room or putting on the Nike’s to go for a walk. Do it immediately after you count down to one!


Funny thing always happens when I begin a workout program. About a week in it gets easier to hit my home gym. About 3 weeks in a habit is forming. The momentum of continually doing that which instills improvement actually propels you forward. Just don’t let life happenings derail you like it did for me. Once you get out of the habit, it’s like starting over. Sure you might miss a day here or there, but keep going! You can do this. And so can I! 10 more days until I start my new program to fitness. Check it out here at My Why page.



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