A Little Obsessed

 “If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” ~Bret Contreras

A Little Obsessed Workouts

After having a peaceful time in the mountains of Georgia, I’m back home to get this journey of transformation going. Yesterday was officially day 1, but it turned out to have an abundance of hurdles to get over. The 10-hour car ride Monday did a number on my back, so the new workout plan took some modifications. To be honest climbing mountains probably didn’t help this central Floridian. But today I got through day 2 of A little Obsessed workout pretty well.

Dahlonega, GA

Autumn, the creator and leader, is no joke! This is just a taste of what’s to come in the 80 Day Obsession workout beginning next week. There was lots of booty work today and my legs, hams, and glutes are screaming at me. I know that stretching will help ease that burn-pain tomorrow so I do plenty of that immediately after A Little Obsessed workout. Then I moved on to do a Piyo exercise routine.

A Little ObsessedA Little Obsessed Workout

Piyo Fitness Program

I got through some of the Piyo exercise routine for the core. My back bothered me more doing some of those moves. It is some extreme yoga! More like yoga and Pilates combined. Hence the play on words for the program name.  No worries for me, though! I’ve got a great chiropractor at New City Chiropractor and they are putting my spine back in alignment. I’ve got xray proof!

I digress. Piyo is marked as an easy program. Nope. It’s not! You’ve got to have great balance, don’t mind being upside down, and be able to be on your wrists for long periods. Lot’s of core work so be prepared! It will all be worth it, so do as I do and just suck it up! You CAN do hard things, as Autumn says in 80DO.

Piyo Exercise Routing

Fitness and Nutrition

When it comes to fitness, nutrition is key to seeing those muscles. I’ve learned this well in my 57 years. I’m not here to push towards any particular way of eating, but the facts are in: a plant based way of eating is best for a fit body. Do your own research. Do your own thing. Just do me a favor and at the very least, don’t be afraid of carbs. They are your friends. Vegetables and fruits need to be your staples. Add in some beans, potatoes and rice. Cut down on oils (ANY oils) and salt. Use nuts and avocados sparingly. And for the love of all things good, drink lots of water with lemon or lime! Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand.

Later, Lisa.


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