Moderation is Key…Or is it?

“Moderation in all things, especially moderation.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everything in Moderation,

Including Moderation

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As the quote above by Emerson suggests, moderation can be overdone to the point of being detrimental. Therefore, we must always keep in check what it is we are moderating. The premise being that as long as we don’t go overboard in indulgences, it won’t hurt anything since we stay focused on our goals MOST of the time. It is true that goals can still be met, but will they actually be met on the timeline set forth?

Maybe maintaining a healthy weight is the ultimate goal for your life. If moderation is key to a balanced life then eating a donut now and again may not affect that. But if losing weight by a specific date is your goal then eating a donut now and again may slow the progress making the goal date unattainable. Some of you may believe that working it off by doing more exercise will negate the donut. I believe that you cannot out exercise bad eating choices and in this case moderation won’t work.

Many of you simply can’t moderate. A friend of mine is an all or nothing type person. If she is going to eat a donut, she’s going to eat the whole box. Therefore, moderation won’t work since her will power over sugar is minimal. She must abstain in order for goals of losing weight to be met. On the same note, I have the same weakness with wine. It’s all the wine or none of the wine. There is no middle road. Funny, I can have one margarita and stop, but one glass of wine leads to all the wine. That’s my cryptonite, so to speak.

Moderation is for Cowards

However, it might also be noted that moderation may be for cowards. What?? Think about it. If we are on a path that is goal-orientated then we should be focused on the end-game. This could be a weight goal or a financial goal, but ultimately it must be laser-focused in on to reach it in the time allotted. But if we believe in moderation then we might say, “I’ll just have one donut. It won’t matter because I’ll eat right tomorrow.” That just delays the goal. Or, “I really want that pair of shoes. It won’t hurt my financial goal.” Again, the goal is then delayed.

It takes great courage to be non-negotiable with the steps towards a goal. For example, I have set goals (you can read about them here) to reach by 9/1/2020. My workouts are non-negotiable and done daily. Wine is definitely out. And my diet is 100% vegan. These three things are not something I can do in moderation if I’m going to meet my goals. Is it tough? Hell yes! Will I be perfect at it? I plan on it. But what I do know is I’m not going to do these things in moderation because I will never make it on time. If I do slip up, I will pick right back up where I left off before and move forward; without moderation.

 Moderation is Key

So though a bit extreme to say moderation is for cowards, I think there is a place in all our our lives to moderate which will ultimately help move us towards goals. TV watching is a good thing to moderate. What could you be doing instead of watching TV all evening? Personal development, for one thing. I’ve stopped watching television one hour earlier in the evenings to read in bed before going to sleep. And not just any random book, but something to expand my personal development. Besides, shutting down the digital bombarding of my brain is helping me to sleep better.

Another area that moderation is key might be social media. We all know what a time suck social media can be. Setting time limits is the best way to avoid this trap. I never check social media at night after I’ve gotten ready for bed. I never login when I’m not at home (unless I’m out of town). And I limit myself to one hour per day. This is usually spread out through the day.

Overall, I guess what I’m trying to get you to understand is that if you have a goal then you must do everything that moves you towards that goal and nothing that holds you back. This is my mantra and I hope you make it yours! A great resource is by a man I respect greatly. Tom Bilyeu is the founder of Quest nutrition and has a powerful belief system in place. Check it out at . He has other resources too that can help you move positively towards your goals.

What areas of your life can you moderate that won’t affect your goals? What areas can you NOT moderate and are non-negotiable?

Until next time, Lisa

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