Financial Freedom

When you understand that your self-worth is not determined by your net-worth, the you will have financial freedom.

Suze Orman

Make Your Bank Account Bikini Fit

I want to talk to you about something very personal to me. Having financial freedom is the best feeling in the world! But, as Suze Orman gets across to me that my self-worth is more important, I’ve learned to embrace who I am. Still moving forward to that Bikini Fit physicality, it’s okay to be where I am today. I know longer need to wait until…until it’s warmer, until it’s this date or that date, until I make more money…or whatever procrastination’s are made.

As well, living in financial freedom doesn’t give me the satisfaction of creating that freedom myself. I’m blessed to have a very successful husband. He created that freedom for us. However, I still have my own bank account and credit cards which I pay for out of whatever I make on my own. As my last post spoke of, 2020 was a blessing in disguise!

Though I didn’t work very hard on creating the body I want, I certainly was online learning how to create financial freedom for myself! Then I had an idea to merge that into this blog. From the early days of Skinny Fat to Bikini Fit (SFBF), I said that becoming Bikini Fit pertained to all areas of life: physical, spiritual, relational, financial. Basically, it means to fine tune and make stronger those aspects that have become lacking or needing an over-haul.

Live Life on Your Terms

I took many chances with my finances over the last year. I’ve worked online for Zillow, A Place for Mom, etc. I’ve bought many shiny objects that posed the only way to financial freedom was their way. Nothing has worked. Until I came across a guy on YouTube who was promoting yet another shiny object.

Well, guess what!? I bought into it again.

However, this time I began to see success early on! Now don’t get me wrong! And listen to me when I say, this is not a get rich quick kind of thing. It can be, but You have to do the work. I repeat, YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! Even so, it’s on your terms. You decide how fast you want to move forward. YOU decide how you want to work your business. YOU live life on your terms.

If you’ve been looking for the right way to get a handle on your bank account while doing the work that it takes, then this is what I suggest for you, my friend. Mack is the real deal! He’s a real person who found out how to have multiple streams of income and has put them all in one place. They all work in conjunction with another to give you financial freedom.

How long will it take? As long as it takes. YOU decide how fast you want to get ahead. The system is built that way.


It really is as easy as follow the steps in order, watch and LISTEN to the videos. They explain everything you need to do! I mean really listen!

Good fortune to you, my friends!

Peach and hugs, Lisa


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