What is Skinny Fat to Bikini Fit All About?

Skinny Fat to Bikini Fit (SFBF) was created to be a platform for my personal journey of becoming as fit as possible in one year (beginning 10/1/19: since the onset of COVID of early 2020, that date has been pushed out until life returns to normal). Since conception of the idea back in late August into September, I’ve realized it’s more than just a physical journey. SFBF has also become a metaphor for a whole lifestyle change. (See My Why).

When I refer to myself as skinny fat it means that I am  not overweight, but I’m definitely not fit. I carry more fat than muscle (percentage-wise) and am definitely lacking in strength. My belly is bigger than my ass, my arms are flabby and my legs? Well, let’s just say if I wore a dress it would appear as if I had strings hanging from the hem. Yep, not blessed with shapely legs. My public outward appearance does not reflect any lack of fitness, but I would not ever be comfortable, much less seen, in a bathing suit. Clothes can hide a lot! At some point I will be able to share pictures, but am too humiliated that I let myself go. But I will share down the road, I promise!

The analogy of fitness can be carried over into the rest of my life and lifestyle. By all outward appearances, my life looks perfectly ‘bikini-fit’. I have a great husband, live in a nice house, we have money in the bank, I drive a nice car, and have a great dog, Abby. However, under the surface I’ve been lacking motivation to further myself (personal development) and allow my destiny to unfold. I’ve succumbed to numbing past issues with daily wine rituals and doing just enough to get by living a semi-comatose life. My life had become ‘skinny-fat’.

Until Now!! By the grace of God I have had a 180 shift in mindset. It has become time to build muscle and strength in other aspects of my life. There is much for me to do in the world and most of that is to be in service of others. But before I can begin to show out in that area I need to get my life and lifestyle in order. This is where this site is becoming a platform to not only show progress in physical fitness, but in mental, relational, and financial fitness as well.

I know that there are many women, and men, out there who understand exactly what I’m saying and can relate within their own lives. I am here to transform my whole life and I hope to be able to show you that it can be done at any age! As of this writing I am 57 years old. Let’s see how much better 58, 60, 70, and beyond will be!

Peace, Hope, Faith and Love!



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