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I love to go shopping and see what catches my eye.

~Patrick Schwarzenegger

These are all the products I use in my home gym or kitchen except for the kettlebells, they are on my wishlist:

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 I love this cookbook/meal prep  planner! There are many out there but this one is very comprehensive and well thought out.




One of the first things I ever bought was a yoga mat. It makes for a good cushioned surface for many yoga and stretches. As well, it can be used as a platform for performing exercises that require placing a knee on the ground.



Then you should start building with some hand weights. These are the lightest, but you can buy heavier as you need. It’ll be sooner than you think!





At some point you will want to consider investing in something more advanced. The nesting handhelds are great for limited space. Bowflex is a well-known brand and are perfect for uppin your game.



There will be many exercises where a bench is beneficial. Also, some exercises may require kneeling on or sitting on something while using hand weights. This bench is lightweight, but very sturdy. Plus, it can fold flat to put under a bed or in a closet.






Many times I’ve used TRX straps. These are great for travel since you can still do any exercise that uses weights with your body weight and these straps. I bought an off brand that works just as well as the TRX brand and are more affordable.



Kettlebells are great for many exercises, but my fave is the pull-through. It’s a butt exercise shown in the YouTube below. I have a couple plain metal ones, but next time I’m getting these because they’re pretty.








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