Never Stop Learning


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Never Stop Learning

Ford got it right, when we fail to consciously improve ourselves, expand our mind, we become old. Stagnant and withering, our mind will succumb to age if we don’t actively seek ways to learn more. As the body ages, we can do much to slow that process by staying fit. As the  mind ages, we can slow that process as well by staying mentally fit. How? By continually learning.

To incorporate more learning into my personal development, after great thought on what it is I want to learn next, I’ve made a decision. As this website has begun to develop I see future pathways in which I can serve others. Though I am a long way from being an expert on anything, I’ve decided to learn as much as possible about my own path of physical improvement and development. With my road, my journey to being as fit as possible as I physically age being a major life goal, I find it paramount to learn all I can about the science behind building a better body.

I researched all the pathways to go about such an education and landed on ACE, the American Council on Exercise. There are other companies out there that offer similar education, which I will utilize in the future for other learning. But ACE offers what I need right now. Going to a university to get an education on exercise science or other similar coursework  is neither affordable nor time conducive. And since I work from home, ACE online offerings are quite suitable.American Council on Exercise

American Council on Exercise

ACE offers many different certification courses including personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach, and medical exercise specialist. I chose to enroll in the Personal Trainer Certification since it covers the aspects of learning I wish to achieve. These include:  Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Fundamentals of Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Physiology of Training.

Over the next 6 months, or less, I will be studying the coursework in order to be able to sit for the final certification examination. I have 6 months from the date of my enrollment to schedule the exam. The exam does not have to be taken within this 6-month period, but it has to be scheduled. I believe I’ll be fully ready by March, but won’t schedule until I feel more confident to that end.

Learning Goals and Major Goals in Life

It’s important to set learning targets to hit along the road to major learning goals. For example, I have a learning goal of becoming a certified personal trainer by the end of March. Therefore, I’ve set learning targets such as daily study times, passing quizzes with 100%, and finishing a specified amount of coursework per week.

How does achieving this learning goal align with my major goals in life? Let’s start with what I am set to achieve by the end of September of 2020:

  1. Physically bikini fit
  2. Closer ties with family and friends
  3. Increase personal income 10X

The first on the list is a no-brainer. Learning the science behind WHAT I’m doing will help me to realize the best way to create the physique goal intended. Understanding how and why the body functions as it does will enable me to best design and utilize the correct fitness program to correctly form my body without causing injury.

Number two is a bit of a residual effect. By that I mean in setting a learning goal AND major life goals helps with my personal development. As such, discipline becomes second nature at a point and as building relational ties is an important goal It will become a huge focal point.

Third on the list is also an effect of learning goals. As I continue to expand my education, which goes far beyond the Personal Trainer Certification, I hope to offer what I have learned to others. Is this how I hope to earn more money? By training others? No, not necessarily. At least not for a few years. However, my intention is to share what is happening as it happens while incorporating some advertisers into my blog. Also, I provide links to products I own and use. These links can lead to my earning a small commission. Some of you may be familiar with monetization. This is that!

Another contributor to #3 is my current work. I rate Google ads for a company hired by advertisers. It’s a part time gig, but it is my sole source of income while I create other avenues of revenue. Within this company there are possibilities of growth that I may be involved in, but the goal is to completely move away from an employer as soon as possible. BUT, I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals and don’t discount this source as part of my revenue goal.

Also, to go along with #3, I continue to research and pursue other revenue streams until my main focus (health/wellness promotion) is self-sustaining. Some of those include:  ghost writing, editing and book promotion/marketing (not mine), taking on more work as an employee, etc.

To Grow, To Achieve, Never Stop Learning

Bottom line, I understand that to achieve my potential I must be willing to do whatever it takes to grow and achieve my goals. If I don’t focus, put it all on the table, leave it all on the field, do everything possible to further myself towards my goals, then nothing will happen. I will become old of mind, not only body. I must learn all there is to know about WHAT I am doing before I can even consider sharing that with others. THIS is where I am. THIS is where I begin.

Learning will never stop, but along the way, at some point, I will know more than others on specific topics. THAT is when I begin to build a future of service. THAT is how I can help others. And THAT is what my destiny is. I am a very spiritual person and believe that God is the creator of the Universe. So, when the Universe speaks to me, I listen. This is my path, my future, and my goals will align as such.

Thank you for joining me and, as always, send me your thoughts. I am open to hearing anything you have to say.

Stay focused and listen to the voice of the Universe. Your destiny awaits!

Peace and Love, Lisa.


Free ACE Personal Trainer Career Guide


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